Investigation about acorns – 6th R.M. Aller




  • Investigation about acorns  (Sofía, Paula, Juan, Mario)

In Science class we investigated about acorns and found out that you need to select the best acorns putting them in a glass of water, the ones that float are OK and the ones that sink are not good enough. In our case, all the acorns are excellent and have already been selected.

We have two different types of acorns, the ones that have already germinated inside a box (due to humidity) and the ones that are still seeds.

  • Conditions to plant an oak (Lucía, Ana, Cristina and Míriam)
  1. Collect acorns from the forest.
  2. Conduct a flotation test.
  3. Hibernate the remaining acorns.
  4. Control the growth of acorns.
  5. Plant each acorn in a pot or container.
  6. Water the plants.


  • Planting the seeds (Carmen, Carla, Héctor, Xián)
  1. Get all the material: pots, shovels, soil and acorns. The ones with long roots and the ones without roots.
  2. Fill in the gardening pots with a bit of soil.
  3. Place the acorns horizontally.
  4. Put some more soil and cover the acorn.
  5. Water the plants very carefully with a spray bottle.


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